submission guidelines

little dipper ink submission guidelines & rules:

  1. ldi accepts books of all kinds including, but not limited to fiction, non-fiction, short story collections, poetry collections, books on eastern & new age thought, the arts,  children’s stories, & more!
  2. ldi does not publish books of photography.
  3. ldi does not publish manuscripts with material that offends one particular race or gender, or anything that’s meant to make people feel bad. we do not publish the gory or grotesque.
  4. to submit your manuscript, please include a brief cover letter in the body of an email telling me a little bit about yourself, your vision for your book, a little about your book, & your manuscript as an attachment.
  5. please no unfinished manuscripts.
  6. after you send your manuscript, you will hear back from us with a statement that says whether or not you have been approved, as well as the time frame which it will take to complete your project. you will then sign a contract, submit your ideas & visions for your beautiful cover, & wait while the ldi elves make the magic happen!
  7. once we’ve received your ideas for a cover, our graphic designer will make them & send you three templates to choose from!
  8. ldi will only charge you for editing & publishing fees! anything you make on your book after that is %100 yours!
  9. each book will bear a beautiful “little dipper ink” insignia. like a tattoo for your book!
  10. all payments will be made via paypal only after your manuscript has been approved & everyone is happy! :)
  11. send finished manuscripts to

About littledipperink

little dipper ink provides editing & publishing services for authors who send in their manuscripts. the manuscripts must meet ldi guidelines & then be approved. for more information, please email

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